Focused Attention to Build a Solid Foundation

Coming soon: a small-group writing course, complete with live group workshop time, for writers of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. I'm committed to safe creative spaces -- instead of using a standard critique model for the workshop, there will be no sitting back while others shred your writing. We will share honest feedback about themes, metaphors, meaning, and what sticks with us when the writing is over. Unlike the "Name three things that don't work for you" model of workshopping, this is about giving you feedback from writers: as readers and as classmates.

In addition to group workshopping, participants will receive a one-on-one writing jam session with me, where we talk about your work, goals for your writing, and more. This is the same experience my coaching clients receive, so it tailored specifically for you. We go deep into the work and find new ways to share your stories with the world.


12 weeks of writing exercises, readings, and group work
Weekly LIVE group workshop (via google hangout) 
One-on-One coaching session with me for each student
Weekly writing assignments, reading materials, and prompts to keep you engaged, excited, and eager to do the work
$450 USD course fee (standard refund policy)


This is not a course to sign up for on a whim. The expectation for each student is that you show up, do your work, and engage with others. Think of it like a college seminar -- you are paying to be part of a conversation, so I want you to share your voice. In order to gauge the commitment of individuals interested in the course, a small writing sample and a brief questionnaire will be submitted with your payment. 

This is a cross-genre workshop, open to writers of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. The weekly assignments and writing exercises are designed to work within your chosen genre -- and sometimes push you out of your comfort zone into news ways of expression. I'm excited for the opportunity to work with fiction writers, poets, essays, and more -- and to share the beauty of these genres with all students.



Since completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing, I've worked continually as a writer, editor, and creative. Leading several successful workshops from 2010-2012, I took a break from teaching to focus on my own writing and refresh my skills as an editor. With every manuscript I edit, I notice the desire to connect more deeply, to teach and engage with writers about fundamental skills. And so this course was born.

I'm investing my time and energy into helping writers prepare their manuscripts for submission and publication. This course brings me closer to your writing early in the process -- helping you make your work stronger and more polished before it ever reaches my editorial desk. Great writing starts with a foundation of skills and an understanding of how to bring ideas to life on the page. Working with independent publishers, small presses, and self-publishing authors, I've seen the gamut of writing run from stellar to sensational. I want to help you bring your work into the next level of success -- starting with your first draft.

When I'm not writing or editing a manuscript  -- often at the beach -- or hosting conversations on In Her Room, you might find me cooking, weaving, turning bowls in my wood shop, or riding my bike around the city

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