Since 2009, I've been working with writers to bring their stories, secrets, and sensual truths into the world.

But it started much earlier than that.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. It's a common statement among writers, and for me it is true. I also started reading young. By the time I started school, I was reading Berenstain Bear books to the class while the teacher graded our worksheets. This early pairing -- writing and reading -- was my life. When I wasn't in class, I was in the library finding new books to read, or in the woods devouring books and filling page after page of notebooks and diaries.

Just days before my 16th birthday, I received an acceptance letter for my first publication An essay on self-identity, it was published in Dust & Fire, an anthology of women's writing and art. As I opened the envelope, I realized a simple truth: 

words are my life.

Whether it is reading a new book, or sitting down with an author to edit a manuscript, words are the way I want to spend my time. I am engaged, excited, and aligned when I am working with a client or teaching a group of students how to bring their writing to the next level. I'm invested in preparing you and your work for acceptance and publication from the very first draft. Receiving a book -- whether purchased myself or as a gift -- is cause for celebration and reverence. We writers know how much work goes into everything that makes it to publication, much like knitters are the best recipients of knitting, because they can see the work that goes into each stitch. 

Meet Sara Blackthorne. She’s a writer who wants to see other writers succeed. She is hardcore into authenticity and integrity. And she loves to excavate your deepest stories.

So come, sit a spell. Share your story with me.
Let's tell our stories together.

Road Woman

The Road Woman is she who walks between: between the lines on the page, between the worlds, between ideas and action. In ritual space, the Road Woman is she who knows the outline of the ritual and keeps things moving forward. In writing space, I serve as a Road Woman to your creative journey by staying mindful of the big picture -- seeing multiple possibilities and guiding you with balance. As we move together through a writing project or manuscript, my approach is adjusted and re-created to reflect your process of learning and development. Another way to see this is like a yoga or meditation teacher, continuing the flow of breath through the body, through the class, through the studio. Bringing harmony and alignment. I want you to find alignment in your writing, and together we can get there. 

Current Adventures

12 Week Writing Intensive!

I'm excited to announce a new online workshop coming January 2016. Twelve weeks of writing assignments, readings, LIVE group workshopping -- and a one-on-one coaching session with me. Interested? Find all the details here.

Who is Sara?

Personal Background

Featured in literary journals, magazines, and online publications, I bring 15 years of being a published author to my work as an editor and creative coach. Studying with such great writers as Susan Carol Hauser, Lauren Cobb, Mark Christiansen, Sue William Silverman, and many more, my passion for authentic storytelling and personal narrative guide my work, and thrill me endlessly.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Creative and Professional Writing with an emphasis in editing and publishing
  • Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction reader for Anchor & Plume Press and Kindred Magazine
  • Editorial staff of five literary journals as an undergrad
  • Developed and instructed online writing workshops through A Forest of Stories, 2010-2012
  • Student of Intuitive Ritual Creation since 1999 including: Spiral Door School of Women's Mysteries, Neen Namré Lillquist, Anne Pandora, and others
  • Regularly attends writing workshops, readings, and conferences to hone my skills and explore the greater writing communities around me
  • Creator, producer, and host of In Her Room podcast

Interesting Addenda

  • I've never gotten the same result from a personality test, including on the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram
  • I've been reading tarot and performing personal rituals (officially) since the age of 13, but really for all of my life
  • I have an incredible passion for social justice work, including confronting my own privilege and assumptions daily -- it's not easy work, but worth it
  • Lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of the USA
  • My secret passion dream is to be a jazz singer in a piano bar -- long, sequined dress and all

Let's Be In Touch

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