In Her Room Episode #35: Ellis Avery


This week's guest on In Her Room is writer, memoirist, and teacher Ellis Avery. We discuss her new book, The Family Tooth, cultivating a curiosity of the natural world, and so much more.

Underneath all the fear, what is it that's just standing there?

Here are some things mentioned in this episode:

Ellis's website
Ellis on Twitter
Ellis on Facebook
The Family Tooth :: released 11/6/15
"On Fear" :: a kindle single from The Family Tooth
The Teahouse Fire
The Last Nude
Broken Rooms
 :: a collection of Ellis's haiku 

Annie Dillard :: "The Death of the Moth" (from Holy the Firm)
Virginia Woolf :: "The Death of the Moth"
David Mitchell
Sharon Marcus
Elaine Scarry