In Her Room Episode #3: GG Renee Hill

This week's guest on In Her Room is GG Renee Hill: author, passionate coach, fearless creative, and wildly love-drunk woman. Our conversation is filled with belly laughs, profound recognition, and all the ways we can give ourselves permission to follow our dreams and be perfectly imperfect.

Here are some of the things mentioned in this episode:

Places you can find GG's work:
All the Many Layers
GG Renee Hill's books
GG Renee on Instagram

The Maya Angelou quote GG Renee mentioned.
The Artist's Way* by Julia Cameron
Writing Down the Bones* by Natalie Goldberg
The blog post GG Renee read for us.
The Baltimore Harbor, a great place for people watching.
Kin Fables, the beautiful visual storytelling movies (and a link to the soundtrack!).