Prayer to the Wild One

there is a moment
the instance of your awakening
when a howl is released
that shatters mountaintops

your cells explode
creating a million tiny galaxies
in which possibility

will it come from your arm?
from an eyelash
on your right side?
will it come from
the small toenail
on your left foot, just before
you trim it and paint it
a shade of grey?

in your awakening, you
know not what the world holds
you are both infantile
and infantissimile

all possibility is held
as a glowing orb in
the palm of your hands

and you are afraid

you are caught between these worlds
of knowing
and unknowing
and knowing everything at once

the mundane tasks of daily
existence are challenging
not because they are difficult
but because they seem mundane

because they are mundane

because the moments that we live
every single day
do not accurately reflect
the existence of our beings

and now
this you see as well

to the wild one

who lives
in each of us
raw, unfettered
always naked
always clothed in the
skins of wildness

there is a place for you here

there is a place for
your passion
and excitement
and energy
to resound through the
mountains and into the
valleys and across the
rivers and through
oceans sending shockwaves
tsunamis of enjoyment
and longing
and lust

a lust that is not
contained within one skin

a lust that is not
directed at one skin

a lust that fills your
bones fills your
breath fills the

and moves you toward that
delicious, passionate light

oh wild one

there is a place for
you in my heart
there is a chamber
that is ever-growing
a cavern that is
constantly being excavated
to house you

it is not a cavern that is
dark and small
but in fact a
cavern of light

a cavern of openness at the
core of my being
that welcomes you fully
that begs for your presence

it is a space that has
been waiting for you
a space you have
always been
asleep, a gentle slumber
waiting for the moment

when the moon rises high
and the howling is too great
in my ears to ignore

in that moment
when you wake
we will be whole

and in that moment
your passion
your truth
your wildness
that reaches beyond the forest

wildness that runs with wolves
towers with bears
crashes against the shore as an
ocean wave only can

these things will rise in me
and the fear
and the doubt
and the sadness
and the anger
will fall away

sloughed like dead skin
by the mere friction
of your movement

in that place
filled with light
and possibility

and hope