Prompting the Words

It's okay to need a little push.

We all face moments where, we sit down to write, and the words feel stuck. Caught on our fingertips or in our throats, like the moment we witness an idea being born, or the sunrise over a mountain valley in Autumn, the leaves below us shifting from the darkness into a golden blaze of fire.

But just because we are stuck in that moment doesn't mean we get up from our desks without writing a word. Having a cache of inspiration and writing prompts can be a huge boon to those days we need a little help from outside our own minds.

A.L.M. WritesAmanda Mays carefully crafts monthly writing prompts and encourages the use of them, sharing them on Twitter and Instagram with #WRITEALM. Useful for when your words need a push, and also for inspiring some beautiful photography. You can download the April prompts here.

April Love 2015 This April, Susannah Conway is creating an amazing community of self-love and reflection. Found at #AprilLove2015, you can experience daily writing/photography prompts, inspirations and meditations, and wisdom from 30 creative and brilliant individuals about self-love and self-inspiration. Just because it's happening in April doesn't mean that these prompts are a one-time use. Keep them tucked away for those days when the inner critic gets you down, or you just need a boost to keep the words flowing.

Prompt Notebook I'm never far from a notebook. I carry one in any and every bag, and have a few stashed in drawers around the house -- even in my car! Sometimes I think of a memory or a moment I want to write about, but am not in the place to sit and write the story in that moment (this happens a lot when I'm driving). Keeping a notebook (and using the voice memo recorder on your phone) is a great way to keep track of inspiration and ideas to write about when the words just aren't flowing. It's also a good way to track what you're hoping to write about in the future when you are in the midst of a current project.

How do you find inspiration when the words just aren't flowing? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments, so we can all learn and grow together!