Stand By Me

Sometimes, it's okay to take a break.

I'm not very good at resting. It's always been a struggle, whether I am running from my truths or just hoping to keep busy. Slowing down, pausing, settling in -- not my native skills. But I have worked hard at cultivating the ability to give myself space to simply breathe and be.

Next week, I am traveling to visit friends and family. I have been thinking about how I would schedule my blog posts and get everything done in time to leave without worry. And then I was in a minor car accident. No injuries, but it really shook me (and took up a lot of working time). So as I was coming home from the accident, my shoulders tense and my tears hot against my cheek, I realized what I needed was permission.

Mara Glatzel and I talked about this on her episode of In Her Room a while back. Giving ourselves permission for the things we need is not only okay, but necessary. And healthy.

Next week, I'll only be posting on Thursday, when I share a new episode of In Her Room featuring Hillary Rain. The rest of the week, I'll be showing up to the people who are sharing physical space with me, and giving myself the permission to rest, to be present, and stand by the ones I love.

I'll leave you with this incredible rendition of "Stand by Me" sung by the unmatchable Tracy Chapman.