The Road Woman

monastic sunset :: hartmut tobies

I have this recurring dream, about a woman on a journey.

In my dream, the woman is walking. She carries a small satchel, and wears sturdy clothes that can face the brutal elements she faces: sturdy boots, trousers that roll into shorts, layers. She is prepared for nearly any challenge that could face her. And what she doesn't carry, she finds on her journey or borrows from the kind souls she meets. Her purpose is very clear. She is here to help others. She stops to chop wood for an elderly woman, she takes care of small children while their father runs to the store. She is kind. She is soft-spoken but carries a sense of dignity, of integrity. Her path in life is to walk the road. To travel new places and share ideas with new friends. To support those she meets, and to impart passionate wisdom with clarity and quiet leadership.

The concept of the road woman is one that spans many spiritual traditions and beliefs. In ritual spaces, the road woman is the one who knows the arc of the ritual. She maintains the flow and process, allowing for a deeper unfolding to occur within the ritual outline. Working with those who are leading the ritual, and those who are providing energetic support, the road woman walks the line between ritual space and the outside world. Her works makes it possible for the participants of the ritual to focus on the experience, not the details of the process.

In yoga classes and kula communities, the road woman is the one who keeps the community alive. She is likely both a teacher and a student, always engaging with others, bringing new opportunities and sharing ideas. She moves the breath through the body, through each class she teaches and attends, and through the community. She is passionate about sharing, and focused on facilitating and giving to others.

I've lived the life of the road woman always.

In my social groups, in my work environments, in my spiritual communities. Walking between the worlds, bridging the gaps. Making new connections. Creating safe spaces. Finding the sacred in the mundane. Providing a framework for deeper exploration.

These are the elements I have always known, have always used. And now, I'm bringing them into this new phase of business and personal growth.

Writing, editing, and teaching have long been my passion. But without the focus and clarity of a path -- a way to walk through world of my life's work -- I have felt aimless. Without direction. A leaf in a summer thunderstorm.

Moving forward, claiming the road woman as my own and integrating this work into my life, has given me an abundance of new ideas and approaches, a clarity of vision, and the focused dedication to transform what has always been a dream into a concrete reality. And this is just the first step.

I'm committed to working with women who are passionate about their message and sharing it with the world. Women who write and seek to express this message with clarity, efficacy, and courage. Women who are full of great wisdom, and who are capable and committed to doing great things. Together, we can share your message and your truth with the world.