The Topography of Self

You get prepared for landings.
You get prepared for the moment someplace enters you.
~ Eve Ensler

It's the kind of thing that comes in a moment, and burns for hours. A simple thought, about how all the places I have traveled -- and all I have yet to explore -- flow in my veins and impact everything I write, think, do. Not in the strict "travel writing" sense, and not just as settings or locations in my work. 

So when I realized that I want to spend more time creating and offering workshops with a focus on specific elements of writing, my memory of place and the influence it has on me came through my body with a whoosh! of excitement.

And thus, Topography of Self was born. A two-week adventure of place, sense, and memory. 

The tenderness of figs. The way they burst on the tongue, seeds full of flavor, an earthiness that can't quite be named. Figs are lush, sensual, ready to be devoured. For years, I could only eat dried figs, my local grocery never carrying the sweet fruits. I didn't know about the deep purple skin, the almost snow white flesh, the red red core of them. Figs. They are of a place, and remind me of places I haven't yet been. Terroir, a word that refers to wine, is a word that applies, I think, to the way a place infuses itself into any food. The favors of Marrakech, the figs of the Mediterranean. The heat of California sun, the fog of the mountains. These come into our food, and when we eat, we are taken there, too. 

Topography of Self begins September 13th and includes emails sent Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Covering themes like beginnings and endings, water, light, food, and music, the two week journey will inspire, instigate, and enlighten your writing.

You can learn more about the course here, and register today!