WANDER: a chapbook

It's finally here!

After so much hard work, a steep design learning curve (and an incredible designer who loves me), WANDER is ready for pre-order! A beautiful labor of love and experience, this book is an expression of my journey over the past few years, and a wealth of wisdom to be shared with you and those you love. 

I created WANDER because I wanted to share not just the photographs of my travels far and wide, but because the act of writing what inspires us visually matters -- to our hearts, to our minds, to our art, and to the world around us. When we put our words into the world, we are not only sharing our wisdom and learning, but also agreeing to take up space in this world. 

For years, I have clung to my identity as editor, and quietly stepped back from publishing my own work. In some ways, I have denied myself opportunities to put my work in the world in an attempt to focus on helping my clients get published. Except ... I'm not practicing what I preach.


The world needs your voicE

Coincidentally, the world needs my voice, too. And WANDER is the first step toward reclaiming this work as author. Published by Paper Lion Press, WANDER is a back pocket book, a coffee table beauty, and a collection of quiet wisdom direct from my heart to yours. 

WANDER is currently in pre-order to ship in mid-April. A limited number of special-edition book bundles are available -- they're going fast, so order yours today!