The process, from idea to publication, can be daunting.
Let's do it together.

Having an idea for a project is such a moment of elation. There is pure joy in realizing your next big adventure ... And then reality hits. Thoughts like How will I manage this huge project? and Who am I to think I can write this -- and that anyone will read it? fill your head and completely talk you out of ever beginning.

If this cycle sounds familiar to you, I'm not surprised. These are some of the exact thoughts that run through my mind each time I begin a new writing project. In fact, just writing the content for this website, I faced my self-doubt a hundred times. Probably more. That's where having a coach makes a world of difference.

For me, being a writing coach is about showing up to you, day after day. It means we work together closely: I hold you accountable for setting and meeting your goals, and we discuss the work you're doing, the work you're not doing, and if those match your heart. Is your project headed in a direction you couldn't anticipate, and you're not sure if it's the right way to go? We have a jam session: you spill out your thoughts, and I reflect back to you when you lit up -- and when you shut down -- about the work.

Whether you are just starting a new writing project, picking up an old idea you set aside, or feeling stuck in your current passionate work, we can find a way through. 


All coaching clients receive the following as part of our work together:

  • An initial 60-minute Skype call to talk through your project, goals and aspirations, and accountability measures designed specifically for you. 
  • An mp3 recording of our call, and a pdf with my notes, a timeline for the project, and our agreed-upon accountability measures.
  • Weekly accountability emails from me, with an emphasis not on what you haven't completed but what got done, what you learned, and how we can make adjustments to keep you achieving your goals (or modifying them).
  • Weekly editing feedback on the piece you're currently working on, the same level of deep examination and process my manuscript clients receive.
  • Upon completion of our time together (typically after three months), we will hold a wrap-up jam session on Skype, reviewing what worked, what could have been better, and the next steps for your project. You'll also receive a recording and my notes from this call.

Coaching services begin at $250 per month with a base commitment of three months. A recommended timeline for working together will be created after our initial conversation. Additional à la carte services are available to coaching clients during and after our initial session. These include additional Skype calls, tarot readings around your work, research into publication opportunities, and more. A complete list will be made available to established clients. Please contact me for more information. 

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