Road Woman

The Road Woman is she who walks between: between the lines on the page, between the worlds, between ideas and action. In ritual space, the Road Woman is she who knows the outline of the ritual and keeps things moving forward. In writing space, I serve as a Road Woman to your creative journey by staying mindful of the big picture -- seeing multiple possibilities and guiding you with balance. As we move together through a writing project or manuscript, my approach is adjusted and re-created to reflect your process of learning and development. Another way to see this is like a yoga or meditation teacher, continuing the flow of breath through the body, through the class, through the studio. Bringing harmony and alignment. I want you to find alignment in your writing, and together we can get there. 

Current Adventures

12 Week Writing Intensive!

I'm excited to announce a new online workshop coming January 2016. Twelve weeks of writing assignments, readings, LIVE group workshopping -- and a one-on-one coaching session with me. Interested? Find all the details here.