Day 6: The Language of Flowers


I have always believed in the ability of flowers to convey messages we aren't able to speak with words. Tonight, we celebrated the 80th birthday of my partner's father with good food and good fun and floral centerpieces. My partner and her sister cut and crafted them this morning, and I couldn't help but see them as a sign of something greater (as neither are practitioners of my kind of divination or magick).

Gerbera daisies mean "cheerfulness." Freesias mean "lasting friendship." Baby's breath means "everlasting love."

Like most oracles, flower divination shows up when it is time, not necessarily when we are ready for it. But after sharing with the honored guest how much it means to be welcomed into his family, his response to me -- "It means so much to me too, that you're part of my family" -- feels like a gift from the flowers as from the Divine itself.

Day 5: #smszine art


The Secret Message Society is its own kind of oracle.  

I have been a subscriber to the zine since the beginning, first as a gift from another, and most recently gifting to another brave soul. Each issue contains a small print of Mandy's original art, which I keep scattered throughout my altars and in a small box on my desk. Tonight I collected all the art and shuffled them into their own kind of oracle, with the simple intention of drawing what I need to hear most in this moment.

As with any form of divination, it's important to only ask the questions to which we are truly wanting to know the answers. And tonight, like many times before, the answer isn't easy to swallow. I often struggle with creating elaborate ideas of what I need to feel safe and connected with those I love, typically asking (demanding) more time and attention than I am already enjoying.

So this card, while a bit of a gut-punch, is also a reminder. I don't have to repeat the same patterns. I can choose a new way of honoring my needs. I can be grateful for exactly the time and attention others are willing to offer me. I can choose simple reality over fancy imaginings.

I can just be.

Day 4: Radio Oracle


Spotify is my radio oracle. 

No matter what I'm feeling, I can click over to Spotify, grab a playlist, and hit "shuffle." I wanted to know what I needed in this exact moment, and the message was clear -- turn to those who help slow me down and trust their guidance and wisdom. Ask for help when the world is spinning faster than a tilt-a-whirl. Breathe deep. Slow me down.

Day 3: Balance


Long ago I had a physical version of Kris Waldherr's Goddess Tarot. Moves and break-ups happen, through which I lost my deck. But today I remembered the Goddess Tarot app (which has a free and paid version), and installed it on my phone.

I thought hard about what I need to know right now, and drew Yemana, who holds the space for balance (and Temperence). Portent of a state of grace between my physical and spiritual worlds, Yemana is a sign of alignment returning.

When I look at my worlds, the work I'm doing in my private practice and the clinic and in sacred space, Yemana is a good sign I'm on the right path.

Day 2: The Pyramid

2016-04-20 12.42.48-2.jpg

Day 2: the Pyramid card from Marcella Kroll's Sacred Symbols deck.

I was so excited to meet and learn from Marcella at the NW Magic Conference, and set the intention of picking up this deck first thing when I arrived. Though she and I had not yet met face-to-face, Marcella was the only person I knew at the conference. Meeting her, attending her workshop on the ritual of the Ankh, and seeing her in passing definitely helped me feel less alone and isolated in a setting where most people knew someone else. 

I cracked the seal and shuffled these beauties before lunch, and then pulled one on my way out the door to work. Cultivating a sense of sacred space is so important to me, and this card feel is like an affirmation of the shifts I'm making to ensure my home, energy, and work environments are aligned with my goals and values. 

At the same time, I am stepping further into the work I have always been called to do -- the work I gave up doing almost a decade ago when I lost my sacred community. Reconnecting with these layers of self, calling on my own intuition and ability, pushing myself into the path and energies I long called home -- It's a bit terrifying at times, but generally it feels as natural as breathing. As natural as it always has been. 

Building pendulums is part of this work. Building offering plates is part of this work. Building sacred vessels is part of this work. 

Just when I had resigned myself to not getting on a pottery wheel until July, a space opened up in a weekly class just blocks from my house -- I start on Monday. When the student is willing, the teacher appears. And I am ready. 

Day 1: Handmade Pendulum

The Tiny Pendulum

Pendulums are my jam. When in doubt, I will turn to a pendulum to find the answer to most any question. Contrary to popular belief, pendulums aren't only good for yes/no questions. Often, this structure forces me to dig deeper into my true query and I learn about myself and my intentions more deeply. 

I've been called to build and charge pendulums to share with others. But I haven't built pendulums in a decade -- for lots of reasons. i'm trying to move through my fears and trust the energy in my heart, so I decided to start small. I went to the bead store and picked up a few supplies: smoky quartz, a wooden bead, some necklace chain, and a small metal bead shaped like a plumb bob (it matches the one on my Midori bookmark). With some matching findings, and about five minutes of handwork, I had a prototype pendulum, ready to be tested.

And then I got scared. 

What if it doesn't work?
What if it works too well?
What if it's too much work for me to build these diviners?

But I'm not one to drag my feet for long. I settled into my seat, took a deep breath, and clearly stated: "Show me a yes."

And it worked! 

My heart thumped in my ears like a bass drum. This pendulum -- which only moments before sat in pieces on my bed -- was divining a yes with perfect rhythm. I asked it to show me a no, and then a maybe, and in just a few minutes I was asking it about the weather, what I might wear the next day, and if this 100 days project was really worthwhile (it might rain Thursday night, but definitely Friday, the purple leggings are perfect, and this project is just the bee's knees). 

I don't have this project mapped in any way. Some days I will use existing divination tools, sometimes I'll use them in new ways, and some days I will create my own (like this one). But with the forceful and resounding energy pouring through this little pendulum, I know I made the right choice.

Are there any divination tools you'd like to see me explore and write about? I'd love to know!

So, 100 Days of Divination?

What is this #100days thing, anyway?

In 2015, Elle Luna and the folks from The Great Discontent teamed up to challenge folks: what could you do every day for 100 days? Spurred from an idea in Elle's book, The Crossroads of Should and Must, folks all over my social media started the project, creating their own amazing hashtags, and really pushing themselves to keep at it. I came to the project on day 37, finally researching the original hashtag, and felt that it wouldn't work for me to join in late. 

But that didn't stop me from thinking about it. Often. Weekly. Sometimes once a day. 

I wanted to really challenge myself. Not just write for 100 days, because I try to do that daily. Not just edit something, or read a book, or a poem, or any of the ordinary things I do. I wanted something unique to me: something that pushes my edges, forces me to be spontaneous and inquisitive and big-picture. 

And then I attended the Northwest Magic Conference last weekend, and by the end of the weekend, I knew my focus. It hit me like a lightning bolt (though thankfully not literally, this time). 

100 Days of Divination

Divination is such a beautiful, complex, skillful art. Divination -- be it the Tarot, palmistry, pendulums/dowsing, reading tea leaves -- is about becoming the vessel and letting the Divine speak through you. It's more than parlour tricks and neon signs. It is a skill and a practice and an art form. It is something I have spent time studying and doing and forgetting how to do. 

And so here I am, on day 1 of 100, with the pendulum I crafted as a prototype for future offerings, opening myself to the Divine that surrounds us. I don't know where this project will lead or the lessons waiting for me on the journey. But like any good querent of divination, I am asking the questions for which I am willing to hear answers. I am showing up to all that lives and breathes through me. I am ready. 

I am whole.