Day 1: Handmade Pendulum

The Tiny Pendulum

Pendulums are my jam. When in doubt, I will turn to a pendulum to find the answer to most any question. Contrary to popular belief, pendulums aren't only good for yes/no questions. Often, this structure forces me to dig deeper into my true query and I learn about myself and my intentions more deeply. 

I've been called to build and charge pendulums to share with others. But I haven't built pendulums in a decade -- for lots of reasons. i'm trying to move through my fears and trust the energy in my heart, so I decided to start small. I went to the bead store and picked up a few supplies: smoky quartz, a wooden bead, some necklace chain, and a small metal bead shaped like a plumb bob (it matches the one on my Midori bookmark). With some matching findings, and about five minutes of handwork, I had a prototype pendulum, ready to be tested.

And then I got scared. 

What if it doesn't work?
What if it works too well?
What if it's too much work for me to build these diviners?

But I'm not one to drag my feet for long. I settled into my seat, took a deep breath, and clearly stated: "Show me a yes."

And it worked! 

My heart thumped in my ears like a bass drum. This pendulum -- which only moments before sat in pieces on my bed -- was divining a yes with perfect rhythm. I asked it to show me a no, and then a maybe, and in just a few minutes I was asking it about the weather, what I might wear the next day, and if this 100 days project was really worthwhile (it might rain Thursday night, but definitely Friday, the purple leggings are perfect, and this project is just the bee's knees). 

I don't have this project mapped in any way. Some days I will use existing divination tools, sometimes I'll use them in new ways, and some days I will create my own (like this one). But with the forceful and resounding energy pouring through this little pendulum, I know I made the right choice.

Are there any divination tools you'd like to see me explore and write about? I'd love to know!