Day 2: The Pyramid

2016-04-20 12.42.48-2.jpg

Day 2: the Pyramid card from Marcella Kroll's Sacred Symbols deck.

I was so excited to meet and learn from Marcella at the NW Magic Conference, and set the intention of picking up this deck first thing when I arrived. Though she and I had not yet met face-to-face, Marcella was the only person I knew at the conference. Meeting her, attending her workshop on the ritual of the Ankh, and seeing her in passing definitely helped me feel less alone and isolated in a setting where most people knew someone else. 

I cracked the seal and shuffled these beauties before lunch, and then pulled one on my way out the door to work. Cultivating a sense of sacred space is so important to me, and this card feel is like an affirmation of the shifts I'm making to ensure my home, energy, and work environments are aligned with my goals and values. 

At the same time, I am stepping further into the work I have always been called to do -- the work I gave up doing almost a decade ago when I lost my sacred community. Reconnecting with these layers of self, calling on my own intuition and ability, pushing myself into the path and energies I long called home -- It's a bit terrifying at times, but generally it feels as natural as breathing. As natural as it always has been. 

Building pendulums is part of this work. Building offering plates is part of this work. Building sacred vessels is part of this work. 

Just when I had resigned myself to not getting on a pottery wheel until July, a space opened up in a weekly class just blocks from my house -- I start on Monday. When the student is willing, the teacher appears. And I am ready.