Day 5: #smszine art


The Secret Message Society is its own kind of oracle.  

I have been a subscriber to the zine since the beginning, first as a gift from another, and most recently gifting to another brave soul. Each issue contains a small print of Mandy's original art, which I keep scattered throughout my altars and in a small box on my desk. Tonight I collected all the art and shuffled them into their own kind of oracle, with the simple intention of drawing what I need to hear most in this moment.

As with any form of divination, it's important to only ask the questions to which we are truly wanting to know the answers. And tonight, like many times before, the answer isn't easy to swallow. I often struggle with creating elaborate ideas of what I need to feel safe and connected with those I love, typically asking (demanding) more time and attention than I am already enjoying.

So this card, while a bit of a gut-punch, is also a reminder. I don't have to repeat the same patterns. I can choose a new way of honoring my needs. I can be grateful for exactly the time and attention others are willing to offer me. I can choose simple reality over fancy imaginings.

I can just be.