Day 6: The Language of Flowers


I have always believed in the ability of flowers to convey messages we aren't able to speak with words. Tonight, we celebrated the 80th birthday of my partner's father with good food and good fun and floral centerpieces. My partner and her sister cut and crafted them this morning, and I couldn't help but see them as a sign of something greater (as neither are practitioners of my kind of divination or magick).

Gerbera daisies mean "cheerfulness." Freesias mean "lasting friendship." Baby's breath means "everlasting love."

Like most oracles, flower divination shows up when it is time, not necessarily when we are ready for it. But after sharing with the honored guest how much it means to be welcomed into his family, his response to me -- "It means so much to me too, that you're part of my family" -- feels like a gift from the flowers as from the Divine itself.