So, 100 Days of Divination?

What is this #100days thing, anyway?

In 2015, Elle Luna and the folks from The Great Discontent teamed up to challenge folks: what could you do every day for 100 days? Spurred from an idea in Elle's book, The Crossroads of Should and Must, folks all over my social media started the project, creating their own amazing hashtags, and really pushing themselves to keep at it. I came to the project on day 37, finally researching the original hashtag, and felt that it wouldn't work for me to join in late. 

But that didn't stop me from thinking about it. Often. Weekly. Sometimes once a day. 

I wanted to really challenge myself. Not just write for 100 days, because I try to do that daily. Not just edit something, or read a book, or a poem, or any of the ordinary things I do. I wanted something unique to me: something that pushes my edges, forces me to be spontaneous and inquisitive and big-picture. 

And then I attended the Northwest Magic Conference last weekend, and by the end of the weekend, I knew my focus. It hit me like a lightning bolt (though thankfully not literally, this time). 

100 Days of Divination

Divination is such a beautiful, complex, skillful art. Divination -- be it the Tarot, palmistry, pendulums/dowsing, reading tea leaves -- is about becoming the vessel and letting the Divine speak through you. It's more than parlour tricks and neon signs. It is a skill and a practice and an art form. It is something I have spent time studying and doing and forgetting how to do. 

And so here I am, on day 1 of 100, with the pendulum I crafted as a prototype for future offerings, opening myself to the Divine that surrounds us. I don't know where this project will lead or the lessons waiting for me on the journey. But like any good querent of divination, I am asking the questions for which I am willing to hear answers. I am showing up to all that lives and breathes through me. I am ready. 

I am whole.