The hardest part is writing the words.
The next hardest part is reading them again.

Sitting down to edit a manuscript is more than searching for spelling and grammar errors. It's not something that can be done by a machine, or at breakneck speed. On the surface, even simple copyediting requires a fine hand, a knowledge of the author's voice, and a desire to preserve the integrity of the piece -- which sometimes means breaking conventional rules to make amazing art.

"Sara won’t simply copyedit your work. She will internalize the story, making suggestions that will both surprise and delight you. If you have the opportunity to work with Sara, take it!
I’m so grateful for her work on my memoir."

~ Evelyn Lauer

Working together as author and editor is a relationship: bringing forth your message with clarity and conscious intention. My focus, my work, is to uncover the truths you are sharing and make them shine. I cannot tell your story for you. I can, though, ask you hard questions, reflect back your personal wisdom, and show you when you know exactly what you want to say and aren't saying it -- yet.

Not every editor fits with an author. Before we commit to a working relationship, there is a period of courtship. I'll read through and edit a small sample of your work, and we'll sit down for conversation about writing, feedback, and the process of developing your work. I want to know what you're seeking in an editor, and how I can best support you on this journey. If we fit together, and the process feels aligned for us both, we'll get down and dirty in your writing as soon as you are ready.