It requires trust to let someone in.
A vulnerability of mind and spirit to
accept the honest truth of an editor.

"Sara's work is known for building a strong community that
values wisdom, shares knowledge,
and honors the sacred in every moment
through honest conversation, intentional collaboration,
and the act of claiming our space as
storytellers, wild women, and holders of the light."


When you come to me for manuscript editing, we will work together to share your genuine message with the world. Looking closely at the language and voice used throughout your piece, I will work to uncover the truth and lessons of your writing and bring them to the foreground. I will show you when you know exactly what you want to say and aren’t saying it — and ask you why you’re hiding it. And, I’ll tell you when you ARE saying exactly what you mean, and express my gratitude to be able to witness this process — especially when it is hard truths that are tumbling out. 

When you come to me for writing coaching, we will work together to cultivate and hone your personal practice, and bring you from concept to creation in your writing endeavors. Using tools I have developed from years of studying, as well as practices both tested and experimental, we will find new ways into your stories and calling on the muse. 90% of writing is showing up -- so we will create a connection to that remaining 10% and bring forth your truth. I will honor your wisdom, wisdom you may not even recognize, and reflect it back to you in a mirror of gratitude — it is an honor to bear witness to this process.

When you come to me for intuitive journeys, we will work together to tap into your connection to energy of love and alignment and bring into the path into clarity. You may be seeking answers to big life questions, or an experienced guide to create meaningful personal rituals. Using tarot, pendulum divination, scrying, and other tools to connect to the Divine spark, I bring nearly 20 years of ritual creation and facilitation to this process. My sacred path as a Road Woman means that I walk the line between the worlds, seeing snippets of the map unseen by others, and navigating the energies that surround us.