Intuitive, Personal Rituals for Life's Every Moment

I began reading the tarot in the basement of a Lutheran church. My first deck was a gift (from my first boyfriend), and I carried it with me always, seeking inspiration for writing and answers to daily questions. Soon after, I began writing small rituals (around creativity and protection -- and the occasional love spell) and experiencing positive results. I didn't know if I was practicing witchcraft or just really lucky, but it didn't matter.

what matters is that it works

"Magic is the art of actively using the powers of the soul." Rev Donald Lewis-Highcorrell offers this definition of magic, and it is one that closely resembles my own. Magik is the art of creating consciousness at will. In this way, personal and intuitive rituals are a tool for creating your own world and experience. Honoring what is happening in your life, acknowledging things that are beyond your control, and recognizing your responses and reactions to them -- this is what personal ritual embodies. 

We all develop habits, rituals: brushing our teeth between breakfast and leaving for work, meditating on our lunch break, lighting a candle before sitting down to write. These rituals guide our intention and our focus to a specific place: this moment. As an intuitive ritualist, I am interested in the organic unfolding of what feels natural and authentic for you and your experience. You may be honoring a significant milestone -- a birth, a death, a new job or home -- or simply wish to bring a little more intention into your daily life. 

Using practices and training from over 15 years of ritual creation, we will sit down and co-create a personal ritual or practice that honors your natural rhythms, integrates your personal beliefs, and feeds your blessed soul. Through this work, you will discover elements and practices that will change your life.

You need not be a particular faith or religion to create personal rituals. Ritual is, in fact, simply a practice of doing things with intention in a certain order. Rituals are used in faith traditions around the world. Creating a personal ritual is much like creating a family tradition -- it is done with intention, and with reverence. But it need not be a solemn or doleful affair. Some of my favorite rituals have included a snowball fight with balled-up paper featuring wishes for the new year, bouncing a giant beach ball on a web woven of various yarn and string, and dancing under the Northern Lights to the drum of thunder in the distance.

Ritual is designed to create our world, to focus our energy on drawing in the things we desire or need, and releasing fear and doubt -- while honoring the value they have in showing us pieces of our heart. Maybe you want to release a habit that is no longer serving you, or bring a change in occupation or housing. Perhaps you are seeking a little extra guidance to structure your days. Whatever the desire behind your interest in developing personal rituals, we will sit together and go deep -- walking in alignment and discovering the ways to manifest your intention.

Interested in taking the next step, or learning more about intuitive rituals? 

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