On February 17th, 2017, my sacred spiritual Earth Grandmother, Neen Namrae Lillquist, left this plane for the Mystery beyond. Her memorial and celebration of life are happening in Northern Minnesota, where I grew up and learned to love from her and the others who surrounded me. I'm headed back for these events, but in the midst of lots of personal and professional upheaval (including missing nearly a week of work and our household paying rent on three places this month). So I'm opening pay-what-you-choose tarot readings for the next few weeks to help offset those costs. I'm consciously not coming from a place of scarcity. But instead out of the expansive generosity some have shown to help me get a plane ticket back to the homeland.

Magick works because we work it. While it is the art of changing consciousness at will, magick is also the threads that bind, connect, and set us free. We do all we can on this plane to continue moving in the path we declare through our magickal actions, and we rely on the powers larger than us --be they God, Goddess, Hekate, Kali, Ganesh, Elegua, Artemis, or anyone else -- to assist in other realms and move our work toward the highest good.

When we show up and clearly state our needs, magick happens. The will appears and we move forward. But it's critical that we do our part, too -- because those powers pay attention to when we're asking for much and offering little. Just don't do it.

So while there's lots of work happening behind the scenes, this is the work I'm offering here and now. I would be honored to be the voice that carries the words from the Divine Mystery to your heart.

In profound gratitude,

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