Revision Workshop

Taught by Sara Blackthorne and meg weber


Sunday december 11, 2016
1pm to 5pm
ne Portland

Your notebooks are full of writing - lyrical phrases, unpolished paragraphs, quick and clever metaphors that come directly from your muse. Surrounding those gems are sections that don't quite sing on the page the way your want them in your head. 

This workshop will help you take these pieces to the next level. Together we’ll explore tools for re-visioning your writing, and experiment with ways to enliven and communicate exactly what you intend. In this active, hands-on session we'll spend the afternoon asking questions, learning new techniques, and practicing these skills on a piece of your own writing. 

Bring a notebook or blank paper, a curious mind, and a complete piece of writing you want to make stronger. Please bring three copies of this piece, which should be 3-5 pages long and 2000 words maximum. This workshop is not a critique group — we will be sharing segments of our work, but the majority of our time will be spent writing and discussing tools and techniques for revision.


About Your Instructors


Meet Sara Blackthorne. She’s a writer who wants to see other writers succeed. She is hardcore into authenticity and integrity. And she loves to excavate your deepest stories. With over 15 years of experience, Sara brings a keen eye and a sense of universal truth to storytelling, writing, and art. Her work has been featured in online and print journals, and she is the host and producer of In Her Room, a podcast featuring women sharing all aspects of the writing life.

meg head shot from kirk.jpg

Meg Weber is a writer, mother, and mental health therapist. Her writing waits for her with surprising patience while other elements of life demand time and attention. Her writing heart graciously fits herself among the clamor of her daughter, aging parents and seven siblings, and the clients she supports in her therapy practice. Writing is one more thing pulling her focus, but it is also the thing that allows her to show up in all the other areas of life with authentic integrity.