bringing back the letter

If you were here, we'd be sitting together with our toes in the water. I'd tell you about that dream I had where my woodworking was featured in a print magazine. You'd tell me about the latest chapter in your novel, the print you finished last week, the next big art creation in your heart. We'd watch the fog lift from the water, feel the warmth of a gentle sun, and lose all track of time, only moving when the first lightning bugs show us the way home.

I get home from the post office and pour a cup of tea. I sit down on the sofa, rain against the window glass, and begin to open. Envelope after envelope carrying hopes and dreams and fears and secrets from beautiful souls across the world. Each one a gift, a blessing of trust and a moment to remember: this world is bigger than each of us.

Hand-writing letters is a favorite past time. I often sit down to write a letter, pouring my heart onto the page, and seal it into the envelope without a moment's hesitation. Whatever the dreams, whatever the passion, drops on the page flood from my heart to yours in an instant (or however long the postal service takes). And conversely, slipping open an envelope in the quiet afternoon and stepping into your secrets, your truths. Stepping outside my own experience for a moment, and understanding better the world around me.

I want to bring back handwritten letters.

I want to send that love and light into the world, and I want someone out there to know they are not alone. That someone is here, reading their words, witnessing them. So I have an offer to make to you all:

be my penpal.

I will write to anyone, anywhere. If you reply, so will I.

Drop me a note and say hello:

Sara Blackthorne PO Box 614 Madison WI 53701-0614 USA

Let's be penpals!