Cascadia Ruby: A Recap

I just got home from Portland, where I spent three days enjoying a beautiful city and a wonderful conference. Cascadia Ruby is a two-day, single-track Ruby conference with a diversity of speakers. Enjoying it's first year in Portland, I was so honored to be chosen to speak this year. It was my very first technical conference talk.

I confess: I was nervous beyond belief. Not so much for the talk itself, but for the newness of this experience. I've done lots of public speaking before, but always in front of a more general audience, and never in front of a group of experts. This was my first technical talk in front of a technically-savvy audience.

It was an amazing experience.

The audience was incredibly welcoming and kind to me. I got some amazing feedback, including "I don't normally like soft talks, but I loved yours!"

I've posted the slides for your viewing. As soon as the video is made available from Confreaks, I'll post that as well. Meanwhile, stay tuned this week for future posts detailing each of the exercises presented, and how you might use them with your teams!