There is often anxiety involved when we step into or step up for something new. If we are unaware of this anxiety, it can appear in our lives as fear, resistance to change, lack of belief in our ability to succeed, and a burning desire to do anything (everything) except this new and different thing. It is not always this easily identifiable. Sometimes, this anxiety manifests as we don't submit an application or resume, we don't give a prospective client our business, we don't return a phone call or email. It's hard to continue to step up day after day, week after week.

When we begin to listen to our hearts about making a new choice in life, we must also bring with us the confidence and self-trust to follow that heart choice, no matter the doubts and fears. Take time to honor them (they may have kept you safe in the past), give them your full attention and love, and then set those fears free.

Turn your focus toward those scary new ideas and let your heart soar.