going with the grain

workbench :: in progress I've been working hard.

The story begins years ago, at summer camp. Some cheap plastic folding knife and branches scavenged from off the path. I was never interested in whittling bears or ducks or other animals. I carved stars, and wands, and swords. I would hunt for the very best twigs, peeling back the bark to reveal the pale flesh underneath.

I never knew how people built cabinets or bookcases. I love the smell of fresh-cut timber, the feel of the grain beneath my fingertips. I spent a few weeks working for a carpenter one summer. Most of my time was filled with shoveling rocks and leveling the ground for a front porch.

I'm blessed to live in a way now that allows space for exploring passions and diving fully into my dreams. So when I mentioned that I wanted to start carving and woodworking, my enthusiasm was met with "Oh, I think my dad has a miter saw he's not using" and "Do you need any hardware?"

rough cuts

I've been working hard, gathering the tools and sourcing the wood and sketching the designs and assembling the space. I've been making some rough cuts and testing my techniques and unleashing my creative delight. And I'm nearly ready.

When I named my writing/editing business A Forest of Stories, it was because I see our personal lives, our histories and our adventures and mysteries and our fears, as connected like the roots in a grove of ash trees. I didn't know that, three years later, I'd be expanding this work to include handmade and hand-carved beauties to bless your homes.

In the beginning, I am offering small bits and bobs. But as time goes on and space grows, I'm looking forward to building boxes and large wall pieces. I'm also excited to open myself for commission pieces and special requests.

The next month is going to be filled with hard work, sawdust, sandpaper and original dreams coming into physical form. The goal? Opening the shop for sales on May 1, filled with wood and paper and digital downloads and the convergence of finally understanding a bit more of my path on this journey.

sara :: rosie

If you want to keep updated on the status of the shop, including the official grand opening announcement, please sign up above! I'm so excited to be working through all of these incredible changes and bringing a brand new line of products to you. It's such a gift, and I am delighted to share them with you!