Inspired Failure & The Recovery

I love being inspired by others.

Particularly by the success of others. It lights a fire inside my heart that serves to feed my creative energy.

So when I see a product launch that is as amazing, exciting, engaging, and all around awesome as today's Your Big Beautiful Book Plan*, I am so impressed and inspired I have to get to work! Since purchasing my copy {after a paypal hiccup} at 4:13pm, I have been devouring page after page of bliss. In fact, I didn't even notice when my girlfriend came home, or the text she sent me, or the dog barking in the bedroom. I was in another place.

Now, I've torn myself away from the first section so that I can talk not about the product {a full review will come later}, but because I'm already energized to kick my work into overdrive. I have a few projects I've been talking about {and hyping} for a month or two, but not much has been done on them. In fact, I've put my work on the back burner to deal with my personal life, but I've also used my personal life as an excuse to not work on these big, scary projects that excite me endlessly.

Do you ever use life as an excuse to not work on the HUGE and exciting things, because they're also somewhat scary?

With my trusty Filofax at my side, and my Circa at the ready, I am diving face-first {because I'm really good at the swan dive} into my work for the next few weeks. This means you'll see shorter blog posts, but on topics that are relevant to the work I am creating for you, the work my heart begs me to create. You'll see tweets that relate to major upcoming products, both top-secret and wide open.

And you can expect a higher-caliber product from me. I'm here to do the work of my heart, but somewhere along the way I lost track of you, the recipients of this work, and the expectations you have for me. For this, I deeply apologize. I dropped the ball.

The best part about admitting this experience of f*cking up, about being inspired by the deep success of others, of showing up at the screen/page/desk/cloffice and doing the work?

I get to recognize my mistakes, learn from them, breathe deeply, and move forward.

And that's what I'm doing. Beginning now.

For the first TEN people who purchase the new, amazing Your Big Beautiful Book Plan using the above affiliate link {which will get you your own affiliate link!}, I am offering a 30-minute writing session with me. And a digital copy of my workbook, Living in the Mystery. Once you've purchased the book -- which, for the first 24 hours, is bundled with The SPARK Kit -- email me and we'll schedule a date!

I can't wait to share more about this product, and my upcoming work, with each of you!

*This is an affiliate link. I am so engrossed in this product, and I want to share it with the world. This kick-back from the affiliate program will go toward creating more amazing, inspired products for YOU.