Keep On Your Edge've been listening to this song for the past several weeks, but more intensely the past two days. If you are unfamiliar with Zoe Keating, you can learn more on her website.

This morning, I noticed that today's post by Seth Godin was about the difference between well-rounded and sharp. I don't read Seth's blog regularly, but I was struck by this idea of "sharp-ness."

What does it mean, to be sharp, to be the opposite of well-rounded, to have edges?

I had the great gift of speaking with Tanya Geisler this afternoon. A more joy-filled, buoyant, and consistently, brilliantly intuitive person I have yet to meet. Such genuine interest in me {a veritable stranger before our chat} is a deep blessing, and one I'll not soon forget. As we were talking, she said to me:

Keep on your edge.

I immediately remembered Seth's post, and my own thoughts about pushing forward, about striving for uniquity and for shining my own light in the world. About the choice between being well-rounded or on my own leading edge.

I choose the edge. My edge. My cliff. My sharp point, in all it's jagged beauty.

So when I make choices, about the products I'm offering, the services that feed my spirit and bring my realness into the world, they come from that edge. They come from the place of balancing on a high-wire, of staring down my own brilliance and surpassing it, of being the me I never dreamed possible. I come from a place of deepest, most radical knowing. I can't explain that place. I have no good reason for being there. I only know, and I trust that knowing.

Today, my edge took me to a place I've never been. With my Roma heritage standing at my side, I took the cards and shuffled them. I cut the deck, drew out the wisdom, and told a story of future-time. And it felt right. It felt easy. Someone very wise reminded me today that easy does not mean it isn't incredibly important. Today I used the wisdom of my heart, and my own edge, to bring insight to another, to give her encouragement, to give her a trajectory. And it was sparkling with realness.

I'm walking the cliff path, the narrows along the jagged rocks of truth and possibility. And I embrace them. With sheer rock above me, and vastness below, I travel -- step by step -- into the unknown. I am ready. I am willing. I am extracting my own truth from the heart of the world.

How does it look, when you stand at your own sharp edge?

PS: I'm going to be offering a small number of intuitive tarot readings in the next few weeks, as we head toward 2012. Needing some clarity on your business path? Wanting to know between two {or more} decisions? Seeking guidance on the next part of the journey? If you're interested, please email me and we will schedule a time to meet, by Skype or by phone, to connect and share the reading. I'm asking a small fee, payable by PayPal or by trade {determined by myself} in exchange. This isn't work for me, it's a calling. I look forward to hearing from you.