Letting GO and Letting Be

It's funny, this morning I awoke to TWO different emails, both asking me about what I needed to let go of. Both the email for Day 25 of the Receiving Project AND today's #Reverb11 prompt both gave me an opportunity to reflect on what the hell I want to get rid of as I move into the new year {and a new, amazing phase of my life!}. So here goes:

12 Things my Life Doesn't Need in 2012

1. Poverty/Scarcity Mentality {this is a HUGE thing for me to release} 2. The need to please my birth family {because I'm likely never going to make them proud} 3. The Fear of Failure {every mistake is a lesson, and I can learn from them all} 4. Frivolous Spending {I don't need all this stuff, and coffee tastes best at home} 5. Paper {because really, I can digitize all those poems from grade 6 and it will make moving much lighter} 6. The Fear of Forgetting {the memories I want to keep, I'll remember those -- in words, in photos, and in my heart} 7. Eating Habits that Harm my Body {really, I know that dairy/gluten/sugar aren't working -- and I expect to live a LONG life} 8. Television and Movies Used as a Distraction {I'd rather be using that time to create/connect, and I will be more productive} 9. Friendships that are NOT Mutually Beneficial {because both parties should be nourished in a relationship} 10. A Wardrobe That Doesn't Suit Me {if my outside doesn't reflect my inside, what does?} 11. The Belief That I MUST Do It All On My Own {seriously. I am SO over this one} 12. Envy and Jealousy of the Success of Others {when I support others, I open space to welcome more success of my own; AND feeding envy takes away from my creation energy}

And, because I can't be trusted to follow the rules on anything, I decided to make a second list.

12 Things My Life Needs MORE of in 2012:

1. LOVE {there is always room for more love, of all kinds} 2. Abundance {financial growth, friendships, business ideas, creativity, everything} 3. Knitting {because the work of my hands clears my mind of clutter} 4. Creativity {you can never have too much of the good stuff} 5. Collaboration {working with others nourishes my spirit} 6. Travel {on my own and with others, I'm ready for new places!} 7. Magic {of spirit, of being, of truth-seeking and truth-telling} 8. Aerial Arts {trapeze, silks, lyra, AcroYoga -- I want it ALL!!!} 9. Reading Books with my Love {I'd like this to become a regular playdate} 10. Photography {instant, film, digital -- this is the year of them} 11. Being a Published Author (again) {essays, poems, and maybe even a book?} 12. Follow-Through {if I want to succeed, I must make good on commitments}