Love Letter #57: You Never Know

This Autumn, I’m writing a series of love letters: to the Universe, to myself, to friends and family, to strangers. Sometimes these are public, and sometimes private, but always from the heart. Here is today’s letter.

Dear Stranger:

You never know how she is feeling unless you ask.

She goes through her days smiling and laughing. She sends boundless love and light into the world. Always there with a kind word or an idea in support. She is full of wisdom, knows the answers or where to find them. She's a resource, and a valuable one.

But you don't know how she's feeling until you ask.

She might be hiding. From the past, from the future. From her reality.

She might have dreams, goals and aspirations that fall to the sidelines as her world wavers and crumbles. She might put things on hold, or give them away, because the support she needs to make them happen doesn't exist.

She might be caught in a shadow, struggling against the tides that threaten to swallow her whole.

She might be sailing on the wings of butterflies, flying higher and higher on ideas and inspiration, soaring with beauty and wisdom.

Her heart might be broken. Or mending. Or bursting with love.

You never know how she is feeling until you ask.

When was the last time you asked someone how they REALLY are?

Lovingly, The girl behind the mask

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