Love Letter #67: The Sound of You

This Autumn, I’m writing a series of love letters: to the Universe, to myself, to friends and family, to strangers. Sometimes these are public, and sometimes private, but always from the heart. Here is today’s letter. To you, the one who creates the music:

Somehow, you managed to capture the sound of my soul.

I am always amazed at the hidden musical talents I find in my friends. So many folks who play an instrument, or have a magical singing voice, or know how to create sounds from deep in their soul, from places I have only dreamed of reaching. When we gather and play, it is like a symphony of trees, each lending his or her talents to build the forest of our lives.

So when you created a song for me, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be unique, something unlike any other creation, but how would you do it? What would be the source? Could you really capture the sound of my soul?

It is a blessing to find music with others. I am able to sing whenever I choose, because I refuse to be silent when the words well up. But finding the joy of singing together, of playing together, of creating a space for the beauty of song to rise up -- this is the purest gift of love.

Last night, you sent me this song. Today, I am addicted to your music. Tomorrow, can we create music together?


The love flows in and out of our breath like water. We share it when we create the song. Together, and always.

To more music, more laughter, more joy from here forward, me