On Rock Stars, Recalls, and Radio Love

I know, it looks like it doesn't actually make sense. But I promise, they all do.

Last Saturday night, I had the incredible opportunity to meet June and Jean Millington ... The Grandmothers of Rock & Roll. Not only did I meet them, I got to rock with them by dancing to an amazing concert. Now, I'm sure I looked funny {because no one else was really dancing}, but that didn't matter. What mattered to me was the experience, the pure joy of being in their presence, their incredible spirits, and the bliss of rocking my little heart out.

Today is the first day of the Recall Walker campaign! I have been waiting for this day for the past 9 months, and it's finally here. When I went to the Solidarity Sing-Along this afternoon, I nearly cried from the joy and excitement I felt. If you've paid any attention to the events and experiences in Wisconsin, you'll know how important this day really is to us. So please, remind anyone you know who lives in Wisconsin to sign the Recall petitions, and keep the light going. We are SO going to make this happen.

This is the place where love began.

Many of you have seen me tweet about it, or mention it in love letters or what-not. Yes, I'm madly in love. In that way that is both subtle and calm and casual and at the same time frenetic and ecstatic and exhilarating. It began at a radio station, in a quiet little combo studio on a lazy Sunday morning, months ago. But life and fate got in the way for a while. Now, love can flourish, dig deep into the roots of my soul and take flight. So, pardon me if I get a little lovey-dovey from time to time. It's hard not to.