On Surrender

Lately, I have been dealing with a great number of changes, both personal and professional. Some of these changes are small (getting a new lunch pail, changing my toenail polish), and others are really huge (finding a new place to live, getting a new website, sending out my first newsletter). Regardless the size of these changes, one thing has remained a consistent theme: Surrender.

What does it mean to recognize those things I have little control over, take the reins of those things I can control, and understand that often these things change daily (or hourly)? What does it mean to say to the Universe: Hi. I'd like these things to happen. How can we make that work, together?

My lesson for this week, after several struggles with loved ones and friends, is to let go. I can only control my own thoughts, feelings, and actions. I cannot control the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. I can surrender to the elements the Universe brings into my life, and I can let go of my fears and anxieties around the big, huge, overwhelming things that create fear and anxiety (and stress and reactionary behaviors).

Now, all this sounds great and lovely, but what about making it happen in practice?

It might seem odd, but I'm starting with food. And yoga, but mostly food.

I got myself a lunch pail. And I have been making wholesome, healthy lunches since. It's amazing how powerful a really cool lunch pail can be. I'm inspired to pack my own food, moderating my junk food intake and enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables from the Farmer's Market. It's not always something I think of, but all the junk food and sugar I consume contributes significantly to my body weight. And when my body weighs more, it's harder for me to do the yoga that I love.

About that yoga ...

This week, several elements have converged to bring Natarajasana into my consciousness. A beautiful, uplifting pose, it is one I have not been able to do for several months to a weight gain I wasn't paying attention to (too much sugar, not enough movement).

Starting now, I am moving slowly toward bringing natarajasana back into my practice. Thanks to an article in Yoga International, I have a concrete method for moving into the gorgeous standing balance that opens my heart and makes my limbs sing.

Up next? Back to baking bread, and learning how to sleep like a yogi.