Project 1up

For several weeks now, I've been thinking about the 1up Project, first brought to my attention by my friends Greg and Ashe. The idea is this: Spend one year, in regulated intervals, focusing on the subjects and topics you most want to learn, in order to reach a specified goal.

I've known about 1up for a while, but have resisted setting up a goal or creating a list of learning subjects for a lot of reasons, Imposter Syndrome being the largest. After attending CodePaLOUsa this last weekend, I decided it is time. Not because of any one thing that happened, but because of a collection of experiences in which I was heard, seen, and believed for the knowledge I already possess. This witnessing makes me want to know more, to increase my knowledge and understanding to a point where I actually know that I know what I'm talking about. Confronting my Imposter Syndrome head-on, I started by making a list. Because lists are something I am good at.

Once I made the list, the next challenge is to determine the schedule and pace of my subject learning. I decided to group the topics I want to study into interest subjects: linking like topics together gives me access to resources, tools, and mentors who work in these areas. Also, linking topics together helps me organize the study schedule, and also helps me develop projects to implement the things I'm learning.

I'm spending today creating the schedule and seeking out opportunities (conferences, presentations, etc) where I can share my learning over the next year. I've set aside an hour each weekday for focusing specifically on my 1up studies, so by tomorrow I should have the first six months of learning and sharing scheduled out. Looking forward, I'll be doing weekly check-ins here and tracking both my learning and my sharing of knowledge. Watch the blog and also the Project 1up page for updates!