Quietly Sprouting Toward Spring

Hello friends! Things have been mighty quiet here the past month or so, much has been happening behind the scenes as I am blessed to be leading a group of women through a workshop during the darkest time of year. Now that the workshop is {very sadly} coming to a close, I am more present to working on creating community in this space and working on my next workshop, Blossom from the Heart.

This new workshop is designed to follow the period of growth between the Spring Equinox and May Day: a time of expansion, of nurturing, of turning the soil and planting the seedlings of our hearts to reap the bounty of our own knowing. By sharing weekly projects, writing exercises, and collaborative learning, we can together nurture the seeds of our inner voice and blossom into the world with creative projects fueled by the voice of our true understanding.

This workshop {as all my work} is supported and inspired by my experiences and the world around me. I was blessed with the opportunity to spend several hours in workshops with Seane Corn. She began each workshop sharing her experience of the practice of yoga as being all-encompassing, a mind-body practice. It is very important, she reminded me, to not separate the spiritual aspect from our physical practice. The phrase she repeated throughout her classes is "the {G}od of our own understanding." This idea of something of our OWN understanding really stuck with me. Each of us experiences the world in such unique ways. What may be my true voice might be radically different from your true voice. A new experience of this has guided me toward sharing more of my experience of self-discovery, the techniques and skills and nurturing, with each of you through this workshop and more I hope to teach in the future.

As I come to a close on this current workshop I'm teaching, I am inspired and energized to continue the sharing and learning here and on my personal blog, Poached Kumquats for Dinner.