Reminders from the Universe

Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder from the Universe...

This is my new phone case. I had been searching high and low, with all these expectations in my head about what I needed, what I wanted, how much I could spend, and where I would find. But after an unplanned stop at an unexpected shop on my way to meet a friend yesterday, I saw this and knew it was exactly perfect for me.

Lately I have been writing a lot of love letters. Letters to the Universe, letters to friends and family, letters to strangers, letters to myself. Letters from my heart, to my heart. It seems like the only way I can be really honest with myself is through letters. And there are so many things I need to dissect, to analyze and process and work through and move past these days. To swallow them, absorb the nutrients, and get rid of the shit that is blocking my way forward. And I do this best through writing, it seems.

Part of this writing is a journey to get clear on my self. On who I am at the core, and what I stand for in this world. Also, what I want from this journey of life. Part of it is to find my way into my own quiet corners of the mind and discover the wisdom there. And part of it is for you, dear friends: I take this journey to discover and connect with my own self so that I can share the process with all of you.

Which is exactly what I plan on doing with my next online workshop! I am so happy to announce my upcoming project Travelling the Deep: a Journey to the Heart of Being, a seven-week writing and creativity adventure to the center of your personal stories. Featuring guest teachings by Marianne Elliott, Teresa Deak, the Picsie Chick, Jessie Marianiello, Hippy Urban Girl, and more, this course is a powerful and soul-filled process to guide you to your authentic voice and speak from that place of raw and honest power.

So be gentle with me as I continue this personal process, a path I am walking to bring you the most meaningful course I am able. I may be here infrequently, as I spend my hours with notebooks and pens and mindmaps and journeys that I can't WAIT to share with each of you.

(If you're interested, please stay tuned to the course page for more information, including registration options. I'm opening it to travellers on 29 September, so just a week away!)