Resting in a Pause

Sometimes, life is really funny.

And sometimes, life is really shite.

And when we get up in the morning, we can only guess how life will be that day. We might have some idea, based on experiences prior, but we can't really, truly know.

This morning, I got up filled with dread. I was so scared. So nervous. I was certain I knew exactly what would happen.

And it did. And I was ready for it, because of that dread. And it was still really shite.

But now, now I breathing deeply. Now I am relaxing my shoulder muscles, feeling the tenderness in my abdomen. I am eating delicious food and not stressing about missing a meal. I am releasing.

I am releasing.

When I take a moment to look around me, to connect within me, to recognize the moon and the season and the weather, I realize: Tonight is Dark Night. Tomorrow morning the moon begins to grow full again. So all this crazy stuff that happened today, it had to happen today. I wasn't willing to carry it with me into the light of fullness.

What are you releasing into the darkness, to prepare for the beauty of Fullness?

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