Strategy Sunday: Staying Alive

Or: How to stay creative while working a "real" job:

* carry a notebook in your pocket, and take the time to write down inspiration * USE YOUR CELLPHONE CAMERA -- take snapshots of things you see to use for later inspiration * set aside time every week {ala Artist Date's from The Artist's Ways} to cultivate new experiences and generate new ideas * set aside time every week AND SCHEDULE IT INTO YOUR LIFE to commit to your practicing your art -- whether it is on canvas, with a pen or keyboard, on an instrument, or anywhere else * connect with other creatives in your field: go to coffee shops, free concerts, museums, gallery nights, public gardens, anywhere that your people might gather -- and then TALK TO THEM * take care of your body: do yoga, run, bike, eat good food, stop drinking every night, cut back the caffeine, sleep restfully, and connect with those who feed your spirit * don't let the haters get you down -- and if they start to, pin their likeness on the wall and throw darts at it until you feel better * never settle for less than your absolutely best -- the best you are able to do in that moment -- whether it is in your day job, your creative job, or in your heart * take a chance on possibility -- you never know what will happen until you try * remember:

the reason you are working this job is to fund your passion, your creativity

give yourself a break for not spending 100% of your life being creative, and hold your vision, your goals, as the dreams to make real in the {very near} future

you will survive this. and it'll make a great story ... someday