I have never claimed to have a clear path.

I have never believed that the road was easy, the trail clear-cut, the journey simple.

I've scrambled through the forest with no shoes on my feet. Toes broken and bloody from scaling bluffs, scraping myself off mountains and through valleys. Clothing torn from my skin like a lover's fervor. Breath misty, hanging in the air like winter steam.

I have wound through the dreams and nightmares of being, both asleep and waking. I cannot remember the last time my clarity was present. What is the sky but up?

Returning to repeated moments, memory like waterfalls and dreams like mossy oaks. Understanding that each sacred breath is releasing, sending my blessed energy into the air on molecules to be shared by another. I cannot escape our connectedness.

This is the year I step into. This is the year of no-going-back, of persistence and fear-facing and one foot in front of the other. This is the year of gypsy roads and the wild unknown and magick in every second.

This is the year of pushing my own limits and never backing down.

This is the year I step into. With full heart, full breath, full intention.

What is the year you are stepping into?