the power of thunderbolts

kauri thunderbolt I've been spending so much time in the wood shop, I haven't taken a moment in over a week to write about it. Sanding by hand takes work, but it also allows me to get the exact finish, and the perfect quirks, in each piece. I've also been formulating a new wood lotion, working to find the balance of hard and soft oils to make the product easy to use and also super-effective. It's also really great for the hands, which mine are loving after all this sanding!

One of the things I learned when searching for my niche is that I want to have a few signature pieces. Nothing fancy, but a design or two that really come to symbolize my work and also hold great meaning for me.

Enter the thunderbolt.

Most people call them lightning bolts, it's true. I did, for a long time. But thunderbolts are, for me, about much more than lightning. The massive storms of my childhood in the Midwest are my very favorite weather. The deep rumble of thunder that shakes the marrow of your bones, the crack of lightning that splits the sky, the electricity in the air, in your lungs, in your cells. While there are situations that cause lightning without thunder, my association is that the thunder causes the bolt to appear.

Thunderbolts symbolize insight, the sudden flash of enlightenment. The moment when the clouds part -- if only for a second -- and we can see things with clarity. Thunderbolts shake us to our core. They rattle our bones, if only for a moment, and in an instant everything is the same -- but different. Nothing is actually the same.

After a day of sketching, I found that the symbol of the thunderbolt showed up repeatedly in my drawing. After a little dedicated work, I came up with a template for a few different sizes, and started cutting. I started with red oak, and then a few pieces of exotic wood {gifts from the mister}. And it feels really good. It feels right.

Just like those days of running through a thunderstorm to get home before the bolts struck, the thrill of working with these thunderbolts keeps me going. Pushing me to test my skills, hone my practice, and continue exploring the work. Developing a feel for the energy of a thunderbolt pulsing in the energy of the grain.

I'm excited to offer thunderbolts to you. While they aren't the only wood art I plan to offer, I can tell they are a signature design -- a piece that will inspire your own insight and energy, much as they do mine.

What symbols hold deep meaning for you? Would you love to see them lovingly crafted in wood? Leave a comment and let me know!