Truth-Telling Tuesday: The Missing Ingredient

I've been hiding behind the cover of my journal lately. Well, more accurately, I've been hiding in front of the cover of my journal. Before yesterday, entries had been spotty, with the last serious entry on December 30th. That's a month gone by with fewer than 10 journal entries. I'm embarrassed. See, as a child and teenager I was a rabid journaller. I wrote pages every day. I would buy composition notebooks when they were on back-to-school sale, cover them in pictures and images from magazines, and then fill -- on average -- one a month. Perhaps even sooner. Markers, crayons, sharpies, I wrote with anything I could reach. My journals travelled to school and back, and on every adventure I took. Most of them carried pine needles, sap, and other detritus of the forest floor. And when they were full, they were either burned, dumped in the river, or buried.

Yes, I destroyed every journal I filled before the age of 18.

But I miss journalling. I miss the ease of filling page after page with rambling, poetry, lists, writing ideas, anything. So when I received some secret messages in the post last week, I had an idea:

What if the missing ingredient, the thing I'm lacking to inspire my journalling obsession, are secret messages?

I was incredibly surprised at how easily the words poured out of my pen ... Once I glued this secret message into my journal. Since putting this in my journal yesterday, I've considered the possibility this is the secret to getting back into my creative words. Thinking back to all those years of cutting out inspiration from magazines and gluing them into my journals, I realized that secret messages have always been with me, and have given me the keys to my inner brilliance. I'm accessing these secret messages again, and with them comes the inspiration to write more, often, and with a fervor I haven't felt since I was fifteen.

The truth in all this is simple.

When I look into my heart, and connect to the wisdom the Universe is always putting in front of me, my truth comes into the world in brilliant and rooted ways.

Where do you find secret messages?

I'm joining the secret messages movement. And I want to share some with you. Send me a note {postcard, love letter, or just an email} that includes your address, and I will send you some secret messages of your own.