Truth-Telling Tuesdays: Dreaded Beauty

I have been thinking about this day since I was 12. I have struggled, I have denied, I have accepted, I have fought it. I have believed myself to be unworthy, and I have finally, after 15 years of debating, realized that it is time.

It is time for me to have dreads.

I've been playing with this decision for fifteen years. It's not something I ever took lightly, and so that it has taken this long {and I still don't have them} is no surprise. I'm a reasearch-plan-organize-study-research-organize-study-plan-research kind-of gal. Whenever I get it into my head to learn something, to make a major decision, I make it incredibly cautiously. So when it comes to something like dreads, which are of course just hair, I want to be certain. I want to be clear. I want to be sure I am ready.

I've been thinking about dreads more directly lately. A lot. I realized, upon waking on January 31st, that I am finally ready to dread my hair. Only once I accepted I was ready could I articulate what dreads mean to me. Because some of you asked, I will share.

Dreads symbolize peaceful power. Dreads symbolize lioness energy, stepping into my heart power, taking charge of my own destiny. Dreads symbolize India; Vancouver; poetry; a book of essays; trekking the globe; sitting quietly with my camera and waiting to catch the sunrise. They are the pieces of my soul I am gathering back to my self. Each dread is a lifeline, connecting my physical body to my gypsy heart. So when I think long & hard about dreads and what they mean to me, I know that they mean I am ready to bring together the pieces of my being, the scattered seeds I left as breadcrumbs to find my way home to my true, creative, beautiful nature.

I am ready to be whole.