Truth-Telling Tuesdays: Taking Pause

it's good to have plans it's good to know the next step to determine your course of action to identify the needs and desires guiding your moments, your days it's good to have goals it's good to create a to-do list to bring action from ideas and to call upon your inner wisdom when building your dreams into life

this isn't the only good thing

it's good to take a break it's good to be in the moment to honor the exhaustion -- the need to breathe deeply, the ache for pausing in the middle of movement it's good to see the dreams it's good to carry them in your heart to write them in your journal to vision them with ink and paper and paint all this requires a pause

this isn't the only good thing

it's good to occupy your heart it's good to hold your core most sacred to witness the transformation to beauty from stasis in each new morning, each new ending it's good to hold hands it's good to reach out for others to offer your hands and hold space to let others breathe deeply into the space of their own hearts

this is the only good thing

to be truly human is to know our own heart, and to open to the heart of another

all else is pure experience