Warrior Women Interview: Amy Palko

I'm so elated to share this week's Warrior Women Interview with you! Amy Palko is a sister, guide, confidant, friend, and teacher to me, and her gentle & clear wisdom has given me the next right step on so many occasions. A true lover of stories, Amy spends her days reading, writing, knitting and dreaming… well, that is when she’s not being kept busy home-educating her three kids! She is the creatrix behind Mothers & Crones and Virgins & Lovers – Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Goddess, designed to support your exploration of yourself through the goddess myths, story, journalling, visualisation and creative exercise. She is also the knitter of soulskins, and the provider of Goddess Guidance.

Tell us about how you got started on this path

Well, my path seems to be leading me around in one great circle! When I was about 5 years old I told everybody that I was going to be a writer. And then, as a teenager, I completely lost faith in my ability to write. I told myself that I had no life experience - how could I expect to be a writer when I hadn't lived!

Since then, I've crammed in a whole heap of life experience. I got married at 19, had 3 kids before my 23rd birthday, and 3 English Literature degree by the time I was 30. The 3 years that have followed have been more centred as I've come back to my writing, my true heart work.

And, you know, in so many ways I'm grateful for the life experience I've had so far - it's helped me to discover my affinity for connecting with the goddesses & the divine feminine, which now forms the main focus of my work.

Who directly participates in your work?

Well, I serve a beautiful community of women as a goddess guide. Drawing on my intuitive connection with the goddesses, I provide ongoing support, clarity and comfort to my Goddess Guidance group. It is such a deep honour and privilege to introduce the goddesses to them and accompany them as they explore these beautiful goddess stories further.

What is the most beneficial aspect of your work on this journey?

I think it has to be that I get to give the world my gifts in a way which feels entirely supported and sustainable. This is a true blessing that I'll never take for granted.

Describe your current big project or dream and how you are bringing it to the world.

My current big thing is that I'm launching Mothers & Crones: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Goddess on the 8th March. This is the companion volume to Virgins & Lovers, and together they explore 12 goddesses through original retellings of their stories, guided goddess visualisations, journal prompts, and creative exercise.

I read in Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Women Who Run With the Wolves that ‘matrilineal lines of initiation – older women teaching younger women certain psychic facts and procedures of the wild feminine – have been fragmented and broken for so many women and over so many years'. I like to think of my work as contributing to the re-establishment of this matrilineal line of initiation.

What keeps you doing this work with joy and gratitude?

I love to watch people blossom. It's really as simple and as complex as that. When women begin to explore the divine feminine and truly engaging with how the goddesses are showing up for them, they blossom. And I get to witness that. How joyful is that!

What is one thing you suggest women can do to move forward in their personal journey with integrity and wholeness?

It would be to embrace the fact that we are multi-faceted beings, and that each facet we reveal to ourselves and the world enables us to shine our light brighter and brighter. The goddesses can help us explore these different facets in a really beautiful way because these are ancient narratives that lead us back to our core, our essence.

But I would also say that, if the goddesses don't appeal to you, then there are many many other media for exploring aspects of self. Take the time to centre in yourself and truly allow yourself to know who you are in this lifetime. The first step on your personal journey may present as an outward one, but it is always leading us inward.

Please share some final words for our sisters in the community.

Give yourself the gift of self-exploration. I can think of no single greater gift to give the world than showing up and shining your light, and you do this by polishing the multi-faceted diamond of you.