Warrior Women Interview: Randi Buckley

This week, in conjunction with my Truth-Telling Tuesday post about Maybe Baby*, I'm featuring a Warrior Women Interview with Randi Buckley {the first of two this week!}. She is beautiful, magnanimous, and brilliantly wise, and someone I consider to be both a dear friend and an incredible teacher. So grateful to be sharing her words and wisdom with you today! {As a note, I am an affiliate for Maybe Baby, as Randi has asked me to share my experience of this workshop with all of you. Links with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links.}

Tell us about how you got started on this path.

I was deeply relieved to discover that coaching was a viable career option as it's really what I've been doing all of my life. I recall many times on the playground in grade school, other kids asking me to help them with issues they were having with their friends, struggles of their own and even helping frame conversations with their parents. This continued, evolved and took a side trip where I was working with very high-profile people and gigs in Hollywood and the movie industry, and it took me around the world. (I've heard other coaches proclaim their clients are 'rock stars'. Mine are too. Literally.) In all of the jobs I've had, it's always been the core of what I've done, whether that was part of the job description or not. I can't help it. Fortunately I've always been told and have felt that this was a real boon to each job. Having it be my career and vocation now is a deep honor, deep relief and a real kick in the pants. I adore it.

Maybe Baby*, my coaching program for women who are ambivalent about motherhood but hear a whisper of 'maybe' in their hears, came out of my direct experience and secret questioning of the questions of kids or not. I was deeply steeped in 'no' for years but when that feeling, to my surprise and at-the-time dismay, started to shift I didn't want to one day regret my stance. I developed and put myself through a coaching process and journey to discover what was true for me. My goal wasn't so much to get to a yes or no, but to be at peace with my truth. In crafting, sourcing and designing a journey where peace is the destination, it frees up mental constraints to be with whatever that truth is. Now I take other women on the Maybe Baby journey.

Who directly participates in your work?

In the Maybe Baby*, it's women who have decided that knowing their heart trumps all else. Women who want to give motherhood and kids an honest look and sort out which are their voices from all of those that swirl in their head. Women who want a non-judgmental and empathetic community of women facing the same questions and who want to live the rest of their lives from their truth and be at peace with it.

In the rest of my work, it's women and partnerships who want to transform inner and/or interpersonal conflict into rich truth, right relationship, conversation and collaboration. I'm their storm tamer.

What is the most beneficial aspect of your work on this journey?

Oh, it's two-fold. Truth is the ultimate ticket to emotional, spiritual and physical freedom. To see clearly, often for the first time and simultaneously hold that this will evolve, is honoring all that you are. Everything is possible from here and I often feel like things are most deeply possible from here.

Then there's peace. Peace with yourself, your decisions, your relationships, your heart, our world. Peace is an inside job. If truth is the freedom, peace is the permission to be with it.

Oh and that I am most alive when I am doing this work. I think those of us who want to do good and help others, especially my fellow teachers and coaches, feel we are supposed to say having our clients experience transformation is our nourishment. It is. And so is feeling we are completely alive, raising our own bar and blissed out doing what we do best, knowing we are helping make it happen. That too, is mighty fine.

Describe your current big project or dream and how you are bringing it to the world.

Maybe Baby* is pretty big for me right now. I have a new session starting in a few weeks, so that is front and center. Later this year it looks like there will be a Maybe Baby offering for couples and also a Maybe Baby Men's program. But the women's version is like an artery to my heart right now. I'm bringing it into the world through this program. And it's about to get some major international press and a roadshow.

There are other things in the hopper. After the next session of Maybe Baby starts, I'm opening Speak Your Truth and Be at Peace With It. It too is about getting to what is deeply true for you but also taking it the next step with the 'how' of having the conversations you want and need to have about it in a way that brings peace to you and honors, respects all involved while transforming the situation or relationship.

I'm opening a few spots for mentoring women who lead others and want their leadership to be authentic and the stuff of legend in transforming lives, bringing out people's best, and gracefully transform conflict into deep connection and collaboration. And there are other things with incredible people in the gestational stage. Really good things.

What keeps you doing this work with joy and gratitude?

This order varies all the time but, lovely and supportive colleagues, unexpected breakthroughs and notes from clients, freedom, independence, my boy, working internationally, when people see the value in my work and exchange money for it, always working on myself and my own development (always), playful mischief, deep intuition and channeled wisdom. General raison d'être and force of nature stuff.

What is one thing you suggest women can do to move forward in their personal journey with integrity and wholeness?

To thine own self be true, a la Shakespeare, but give yourself permission to change your mind. Truth evolves. Honoring it for what it is now doesn't discount what it was. What was true for you in the past was real- and it may have evolved. Know it and operate from it with love and respect.