Warrior Women Interview: Teresa Deak

I'm so excited to be featuring my dear friend Teresa as today's Warrior Women Interview! Such a joy and treat to share the stage and give you her brilliance in this spotlight!

Tell us about how you got started on this path My first response to this question was which path? My energies flow along several channels. Through Social Butterfly Solutions I coach my people in Butterfly Touches to achieve social media success. This style of coaching and connecting mirrors my photographic style on Photos You Feel, where the full focus of my attention intimately illuminates the intricate.

It has always been the small things that have drawn me to them, asked for my attention through my lens and through my heart, yet often felt at a disadvantage in my smallness. Overlaid through this is my ever-expanding desire and inclination to connect, fed by early experiences of not fitting in. Only recently have I whole-heartedly accepted that the two things I had always fought against, isolation and smallness, were the impetus for my greatest gifts.

Through these gifts I have discovered the meaning of Gratitude, which I am quietly and surely sharing in the community that is Given to Gratitude. In all of these three main paths I find my essence traced beautifully in the spirit of butterflies - small, colourful, life-filled, their arc bringing peace, beauty and safety.

Who directly participates in your work? I’m so grateful to my soul-family, a gathering of kindred souls met in my travels through the etherverse. They provide support, encouragement, inspiration, direction, fun and so much more. Through our rich connections each part of each path is more my own: more real, more deep. So what I offer to the clients who need help in the virtual world is supported and overlaid with the lattice of our web of connection.

As I reach more people who are doing their life’s work, needing to bring their special light to the world, with Butterfly Touches we find the best path to their people, the best channels for their style, the strategies that work for their souls and their business.

What is the most beneficial aspect of your work on this journey? Every client is a new collaboration, every connection brings with it a tapestry of riches and an opportunity to learn. My clients bring their expertise, their excitement and we channel it together to their biggest benefit. The excitement of the lifted, of the new, of the fulfilled is a fuel that carries me and my clients beyond our wildest imaginings.

Describe your current big project or dream and how you are bringing it to the world. The Gratitude Tarot!! Gratitude has become such an important word to me, filled up with so much more meaning than mere thankfulness. And my Photos You Feel are where I discovered this. When I take the photos I feel a connection to the Source, when I post the photos on my blog I share them with a soul-family within whose web I am an intricately woven thread. These concepts clarified my definition of Gratitude as a river we swim in together.

The idea that this river, Gratitude, can help us find our answers, can lead us to clarity, can bring us peace or guide our next action feels like a natural extension of its luminous power. So, in collaboration with none other than our hostess, Sara Blackthorne, we are creating this deck soon to be available for you to have in your own hands. 79 beautiful photos you feel in the form of a divination deck, with interpretations and Gratitude-inspired layouts by Sara.

What keeps you doing this work with joy and gratitude? The most fascinating thing to me about gratitude and butterflies, is that I get more than I can ever give away. Something happens within my heart when I give to others that makes my heart feel bigger, lighter, brighter, more spacious. The simple offering of butterflies sprinkles me with the golden dust from their wings as they take off to reach their destination. And who couldn’t be dancing in joy and gratitude when they’re covered in faerie dust?

What is one thing you suggest women can do to move forward in their personal journey with integrity and wholeness? Be awake and aware of the beauty in small things. This is so helpful and useful to your soul in all things. A moment to breathe in beauty. The shallow-depth-of-field focus on one detail in your overwhelm that lets the rest fall away. The intimate connection with each small thing that makes your soul smile. Each of these is a doorway to the Infinite, to the whole world, to reaching big. We are finite beings carrying souls too big to be contained. Our bodies and minds need us to see the small clearly to sense the vastness it carries.

Please share some final words for our sisters in community. You are never alone. Your story may seem unique, distinctly and isolatingly yours, but there are others who have felt what you feel or about to be there. The human story is carried out in a thousand ways in millions of hearts every day. And you are connected to them. You can find your people. All of life - the blasts of joy to the pulls of despair and all things in between - is better when shared with your people.

If you’re looking for help, or looking for butterflies, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and my blogs. Do you need some butterflies today?