Warrior Women Interviews: Catherine Caine

This week's Warrior Women Interview features the incredible, the magnanimous Catherine Caine. I talked about her work last week on Money Mondays, and she is the first in a long series of Warrior Women Interviews I'm bringing you over the next several months. Enjoy!

Tell us about how you got started on this path. The path is winding and twisty, but the start was pretty simple: one day I finally realised that the purpose of human existence was not to collect as much comfort and pleasantness as possible. For ages, I was an unconscious Epicurean, I guess. I thought that the avoidance of pain and the pursuit of pleasure were what life was all about. And then I finally realised that although pleasure IS lovely, and pain DOES suck, that the pursuit of discomfort was more amazing. And the journey began.

Who directly participates in your work? People who want to create magnificent, profitable businesses as an expression of their magnificent, generous selves.

What is the most beneficial aspect of your work on this journey? There's this moment with my most brilliant clients where we get swept up into a storm of mutual inspiration. And suddenly I am far far wiser than I have any right to be, and they take my ideas and build sparkling castles on them, and that leads me to another killer insight, and that leads them to something bigger... It's thrilling. It's addictive. It's fantasmagorical.

Describe your current big project or dream and how you are bringing it to the world. I want to create a culture change in the world of marketing, particularly online. I want everyone to know that you don't have to choose between doing soul-nourishing work and the work that makes money. Your best work provides squoodles of cash AND joy.

What keeps you doing this work with joy and gratitude? My clients are the most amazing people in the world. I would fight Mecha-Godzilla for them.

What is one thing you suggest women can do to move forward in their personal journey with integrity and wholeness? Understand that there are people who are yearning for your most radiant work, exactly the way you deliver it. Those people never have to be sold to. They want to buy, and they want to buy from you. You don't gotta pretzel up your soul to rock out your biz.

Please share some final words for our sisters in community. Go forth and ROCK IT THE FUCK OUT.