"What does your potential look like?"

Several months ago, I was inspired by my local tea house's call for art submissions. They used a simple 4x6 inch postcard and asked people one question: What is your American dream? Now, I'm not really one for patriotism, and most days I'm not proud to be an American. But it got me thinking. If I was to be under the spell of the "American Dream," what would I want my dream to be? How would it look? What would I want to be part of that life?

I pulled out my magazine stash, perfect for collage, and set to work. After just a few images, it became clear to me. I clipped the last of the words, fetched the glue stick, and was finished within five minutes (the fastest I've ever created a collage).

Simple, beautiful, and unique. Just the way I like it.

I missed the deadline for submitting this to the gallery show, and I'm a little glad for it. I have carried this around in my journal since I made it, and I am grateful to have the constant reminder of what my dream entails: asking questions, connecting deeply, and being joyfully grateful for each moment, each inhale, each gift of living.

So I ask you the same question I am inspired to ask myself daily:

What does YOUR potential look like?

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