Warrior Women Interview: Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen is a “promotional writer and pro-active pimp” who works with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, organizations, and businesses to create magic with your copy. She is smart, sassy, and once worked for a huge public radio station; NOW she works with some of the brightest and world-changing minds on the Interwebs and beyond. I’m super stoked to be sharing her sparkly-studded words with you all {and sharing a copy of her Self-Promotion Toolbox with one lucky reader}!

You rock the web as a promotional pimp and copylicious creatrix. How did you get started on this path of encouraging others to soar while continuing to explode on your own blazing journey?

Just over a year ago, I had a 9-to-5 j-o-b at a major public broadcasting organization. It was, by all accounts, a “great gig.” Good benefits, reasonable job security, intelligent colleagues … but I was miserable. Like, sobbing-in-the-bathroom-on-my-lunch-break miserable. I thought something was “wrong” with me – it was the heart of the Great Recession, and I felt as though I should’ve been grateful to be employed. But I wasn’t. So I embarked on a vocational vision quest.

After several months of soul-searching (during which I briefly considered becoming a firefighter), I decided to quit my job and go rogue. I knew I wanted to continue working in the world of media & promotions, but I didn’t know what form my new entrepreneurial identity would take. Fast forward one year (and a LOT of freelance adventures) later, and POW! Here I am!

Who rocks your work? Who do you inspire/jam on/stir things up with?

I am whoa-nelly fortunate to work & play with some of the BEST business coaches and strategists in the world. I get to bounce ideas off of master strategists and intuitives like Dyana Valentine, Hiro Boga, Erika Lyremark … and of course, Danielle LaPorte. Major workplace perk, if you ask me.

What is the most beneficial aspect of your work?

I love it when a copywriting client hands me a pile of webcopy that’s disorganized, clunky & dull, and I sprinkle my fairy dust and shoot it back … and then I receive the “ZOMG! You rule! Happy dance!” email full o’ praise. That’s a swell feeling … knowing that I helped them find the right words to package & present their skills to the online (and offline) universe. There’s nothing like powerful, persuasive webcopy to seriously up your promotional game.

You recently released the Self-Promotion Toolbox. Who is this product designed for and why should folks drop the $10 for it?

I wanted to create a digital product that encapsulates my basic theory of success: in order to spiral into higher stratospheres of impact, influence & affluence, you need to PROMOTE yourself. And I wanted it to be high-impact, practical, entertaining … and accessibly priced, for folks who dig my style, but don’t have the funds to hire me for a 10-, 25- or 50-hour project.

What keeps you pushing magic and positive energy into the world with joy and gratitude?

Honestly? Being able to design the precise lifestyle that works for ME is pure magic, and motivates me to keep serving, keep creating, and keep refining my skills.

Right now, I’m writing from my brother’s apartment in Brooklyn. Next week, I’ll be spending time with my parents in Los Angeles. I just booked an impromptu trip to Las Vegas to hang out with a British burlesque goddess that I met via Twitter. And after that, I’ll be subletting an apartment in Hollywood for three weeks, and escaping the tail-end of winter in the Twin Cities.

A year ago, at my 9-to-5 (with two weeks of paid vacation per year) that level of spontaneity and geographic freedom simply wouldn’t be possible. These days, I can work anywhere with Wifi and decent espresso. I’m thrilled to the gills to be actualizing my dreams.

If you could suggest only one thing women can do to keep moving forward in their personal journey with integrity and wholeness, what would that be?

Take a cue from my supernova client Danielle LaPorte, and kill your to-do list. Make a stop-doing list instead. It’ll change your life.

Is there anything else you’d love to share?

I'm currently working on my second digital offering: Lifescripts for Hustlers.

It'll include 100 customizable 'scripts' for networking, self-promotion, client management, negotiation ... and a couple non-work categories, like family times and courtship (ooh la la)!

I'm hoping it'll provide a TON of practical guidance to help people articulate themselves in a number of sticky situations, with clarity and firepower. And! My talented buddy Sam Orchard will be illustrating each chapter with amazing comic panels! Hot diggity dog!

Keep your eyes peeled for Lifescripts for Hustlers, coming atcha in late spring / early summer. You can subscribe to my blog for updates, so you don’t miss a beat.